Michelle Salt Trains to Win


It started as a goal to keep herself sane. She needed a way to focus her energy in a positive way after a motorcycle accident left her without a leg in June in 2011. The athlete spent a week in the intensive care unit and months learning to walk again after the near fatal accident.

No one expected much from her. Her coach had written her off and even her family looked at her in pity. In all honesty, no one would expect much of anyone – athletically – after they experience that sort of trauma. But that was then.

Today, you’ll find her at the Olympic Park in Calgary. After a full amputation of her right leg, she is back on her board and doing what she loves to do best – snowboarding. All in less than a year. And even better, Michelle Salt is training to be a paralympic athlete.

She was recently quoted as saying, “From the second I found out about my leg I needed a goal in order to keep myself sane,” says Salt. “This is my goal and maybe it’s a big goal, but I’m ready to get there and I’ll do it.”

Michelle made the decision, like many people in business, athletics, ministry, and leadership to compete every day despite their own insurmountable odds. It is a positive perspective and a stubborn attitude that drives people to push themselves to new heights – for the right reasons. Michelle is a grand example of this.

More on her story in the Calgary Press.



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