Keep Knocking

Keep Knocking

The best stories aren’t the ones full of sunshine & rainbows.

Conflict. Obstacles. Difficulties.

These are the challenges (mental or physical) that every great story’s character must overcome.

These are the things that separate great books that pull you in and those you quit halfway through.

Choose one path or another.

Slay the dragon, save the princess, win the day – or turn tail and head back home.

Success in life is just like a good book or movie.

The road to success, especially in business, is obstacles.

There are countless opportunities to pack up early, pull over off the road, and just give up.

It’s a long, hard grind.

If the path was easy, everyone would succeed.

Instead, it comes down to those who can persevere through the heartaches.

Through the hard times.

Through the disappointments.

Success comes to those who keep knocking despite having countless doors slammed in their face with a resounding “no.”

No one clamors to hear the speaker who’s had it easy their entire life. They can’t relate.

But people will pay thousands to hear the entrepreneur who started with nothing, failed in countless ventures, yet kept competing toward that one goal until he/she reached it. Because they know deep down, if that person could do it, so can I.

These are the people who understand their “why” and hold on for as long as they need to – even if their moment takes years to arrive.

Fact: The best stories are the one where a struggle is overcome.

So whatever you are facing today in business, in sports, in life – trust your heart.

And whatever you do, keep knocking if you truly believe in what you’re doing.

You’ll look back one day and when asked “How’d you do it?”, you’ll have one helluva story of determination to share.

And it’ll encourage them to the point of changing their life.

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    Jake Thompson is the Chief Encouragement Officer for Compete Every Day. Before launching the motivational lifestyle brand, Jake served as a consultant, writer, and social media enthusiast to a number of companies in a variety of industries.